Zombieland (Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg)

If the world was to go to hell due to a zombie apocalypse┬áthen I can imagine it would be very much like in Zombieland and Day of the Dead. I think Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) had some good rules for surviving in a zombie infested world or as they call it the “United States of Zombieland”. But I think he missed one essential rule, “find a place which is secure”. If you need to survive a zombie infestation then you need somewhere which is secure which you know your exits on. I would find somewhere where the building metal gates over windows and metal doors. It would also need to have plenty of food. So, when I go out and about I am always looking for a secure building. I thought a superstore would be a good building, but I have yet to find one with metal gates. A shopping mall might be good as they don’t have many external facing windows and the windows could be secured. I would be worried about a shopping mall, as you don’t know whether all the people or zombies are out of the building.

I wasn’t too sure why you would hang out at a house which wasn’t locked up as they did in Zombieland especially seeing zombies have no problem at climbing over fences. You might need to do like in 28 Days and put a minefield in the garden, but that might defeat the point of staying in the house in the first place. The supermarket or shopping mall would be far better, as you would have vast amounts of perishable food and not need to ever leave the place.

I also would need to get hold of a sniper rifle and a lot of ammo, so that I can sit on the roof of the building and take out Zombies at long distance. Although I can imagine it is going to be a different to playing Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead, but it might be as fulfilling.

Stay secure, avoid bathrooms and you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse!